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Are you looking for a powerful chat app? Tiktochat is here to cater to your messaging and even video calling needs now.

The best part? It is absolutely FREE with no hidden purchases!

The face-to-face video calling option is available for the users of Tiktochat. 

Features of Tiktochat


In this era of instant texting, workflow is fundamental, and every user is looking for that. Do you also want the best texting app that provides you with seamless texting and calling experience?

Then, choose Tiktochat to be your companion and YOUR personal texting choice.

The workflow of Tiktochat is comparable to the principal texting platforms, and you will not have any issues in switching over due to the interface.


User-friendliness is all you need to move over to a better texting app with smoother performance. Are you tired of the over-complications of texting apps and need something precise? Get Tiktochat! 

On Tiktochat, you will have a clean experience of chatting with your friends and family without requiring to obscure the features and options any further!

Video Chat

Texting with your mates is fun, but what could be better than talking to them face to face? Video calling option is available in the Tiktochat app, and you can enjoy chatting with your pals. The most fun part? 

There is no lag, and the video quality is impressive. Why? Because Tiktochat focuses more on giving Tiktochatters are smooth video calling experience rather than just fancy-schmancy graphics!

A Messenger For You!

Tiktochat is a FREE messenger app with a FREE calling experience. It doesn’t matter where you are and who you want to talk to! Just install Tiktochat on your smartphone right now and get started on the conversing part!

The FREE calling and texting option is available for Tiktochatters 24/7 without any breaks! There are no limitation to connecting yourself with the world with the usage of Tiktochat!

HD Group Call

The HD group video call feature makes it easy to connect with multiple friends simultaneously, making tiktochat a powerful video calling and texting messenger available.


Tiktochat is a secure platform with end-to-end encrypted chats and conversations. The conversations between you and your friends are only available to you and not saved on any servers.

At Tiktochat, the privacy of our users is taken precariously, and the Tiktochat Team is working to make your user experience better every single day!

The focal point of a texting app should be communicating and communicating. Yep. The best part? Tiktochat is going to give you precisely that!